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Press Statement

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Coalition Victory in The Gambia Presidential Election 2016

The Gambian Diaspora Community through the Coalition Rapid Response Command Centre wishes to take this opportunity to thank all the Gambian voters of all political parties who voted in the Presidential Election of 1st December 2016, which was won by Independent Candidate, now President-Elect Mr Adama Barrow, flag bearer for a coalition of seven opposition parties and one Independent Candidate. We acknowledge with satisfied admiration, the impeccable manner in which you all performed your civic duty and constitutional right to vote. Without exception, you played this important national duty with a determined display of quiet maturity and a sense of urgency, befitting such a solemn national responsibility.
The Command Centre recognises your historic achievement of removing tyranny in the Gambia, as being unprecedented in the history of elections; certainly in our country, if not in our sub-region. By using peaceful and democratic means, you were able to remove a twenty-two-year-old entrenched dictator from power without a mass uprising, armed rebellion, military coup or any major violent incidents. You are indeed Patriotic Sons and Daughters of our Motherland.
The Command Centre hereby reiterates its profound gratitude and deepest appreciation for the way in which the Gambian electorates conducted themselves before, during and after the election. We hope the comportment demonstrated by the vast number of Gambian voters, in what were volatile times, inspire confidence that the rebuilding of the nation will be embarked upon with the same level of discipline shown by everyone who voted in Presidential Election 2016.
In this vein, the Command Centre is also hereby expressing its sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the Gambian Community in the Diaspora for our steadfast dedication and patriotism. We did not just speak up and gave our time and energy, but we went further to also provide the necessary resources in support of democracy in our country. When the calls were made for supporting the campaign of the Coalition, the Diaspora wasted no time but to give out generously and promptly knowing full well that they are fulfilling a national duty. You are indeed the Worthy Sons and Daughters of our Motherland.
In the aftermath of this historic election, the Command Centre is issuing yet another historic and patriotic call for all Gambians to stand up shoulder to shoulder to ensure that President-Elect Adama Barrow and his Government of National Unity steer the affairs of this great country of ours on the foundations of democracy and human rights. We would like to remind all Gambians that bad governance and poor leadership are a consequence of people failing to support the values and standards of democracy but to be complacent and succumb to the whims and caprices of leaders. We must all resolve that never again shall we compromise our sovereignty and patriotism and allow another tyranny to surface in our motherland.
We would also like to remind all Gambians at home and abroad that we have come through quite a difficult period in which scores of our people have perished in detention centres, in the Sahara Desert and in the Mediterranean and subjected to many other forms of atrocities and violations. Gambians have lived with fear and impunity for 22 years, which has been painfully wasted out of the life of the country. Thus at this moment all of our focus and interest should be to rebuild our country with values and standards that will cement a durable foundation based on human rights.
In this regard the Command Centre wishes to urge all Gambians to refrain from spreading unfounded rumours and injecting insecurity in the minds of the people. The Command Centre is well convinced that the entire men, women and officers of the Gambia Armed Forces are fully behind this glorious change as they have also equally suffered immeasurably under this regime. Thus the Gambia faces no threat from within its borders. Ultimately the security and safety of our country rests with the people. We therefore call on the people of the Gambia to stand strong and united to protect our hard won freedom and defend the peace and stability of the motherland.
The Command Centre shall now continue to engage with the Coalition Leadership to provide the necessary technical, moral and material support, and we urge all to continue this struggle. We shall also endeavour to be an outlet to seek and share ideas from and with the wider Gambian public, at home and abroad as regards the three-year transition period.
In the meantime, please be informed that the Coalition Spokesperson Halifa Sallah will give a press conference to the Diaspora online radio stations on Sunday, December 4 at 4 pm USA EST or 2100hours GMT.
We are online, and we urge all Gambians to join these platforms to share ideas and provide information that will enable us to contribute better to good governance and sustainable development in the Gambia.
Facebook: Gambia Diaspora Command Centre
Twitter: @GMComandCentre1
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